Consent to post online

I’m struggling to make my permission and information forms for parents. I want my students and their parents to make informed decisions about what they are comfortable with posting online. Ideally, they will be allowed to post  videos of themselves if needed to demonstrate a concept, but we can work around anything. We have many ways of communicating and creating media.

The school will have a general “acceptable use policy” that includes all the do’s and don’ts. I just need to cover the “consent to post online” part. How do I get permission in a way that will not scare parents away? I have an awful lot planned for this semester and my first draft is 5 pages long. Yep, 5 pages! I need help.

So far I have a blog post on our class blog that includes an audio file describing the choices and permissions. I also have the 5-page document posted. Lastly, I plan to run an adobe connect session for parents in the evening the first week back. This will be recorded for those who can’t (or don’t want to) attend.

I think i’m in “scare them away” territory. Any suggestions on what I can take out to dial it down?


Meeting students and parents where they already are

I’ve decided that I want to meet my students and their parents at which ever major social network they are already on. Learning how to navigate and participate in the web 2.0 world will be a big part of my grade 10 science class this semester, so I’d like to start wherever they already are.

I also decided that I don’t want to waste all my time managing and posting material to a million places.

For my setup I decided to:

  • choose a hashtag for the class, #gr10sci
  • create a Facebook “page” for the class (with the wall shut down other than my posts, we will use other locations for our major collaborations)
  • create a series of pages for our class (in this case general science, biology, chemistry, physics/optics and climate change).
  • set up so that
    • anytime I scoop a webpage or article to those pages it automatically tweets out with the hashtag #gr10sci.
    • anytime a tweet goes out from my account with the hashtag #gr10sci it goes to their facebook page as well
    • anytime a post is made on our class blog ( it gets tweeted with the hashtag #gr10sci (which in turn gets put to facebook as well)

Am I missing anything? Any additions? Should I be archiving in a shared Evernote folder?

Any input is appreciated. 🙂