“I had nothing to do with it”

Today, I had a great conversation with a teacher. We were talking about an assignment her students created. They created an entire video game that demonstrated their understanding of a concept in English class. The rest of the class played the game, got right into it and it lead to awesome class discussion. Students created the game, original drawings and music. This extremely passionate teacher was so excited. When I commented how cool that was, and how THIS is why I love blended learning and want all my kids to have access to devices her response was “but, I had nothing to do with it!”.

I disagree. She had EVERYTHING to do with it. This amazing teacher created a collaborative, creative learning environment and assessments where it was ok for students to personalize their learning and how they demonstrate their understanding. She knew that she didn’t need to understand all the technology behind the product in great detail.  I can’t wait until she gets a chance to share the learning activity, student work and reflection.