Biology Around Elmvale

In Grade 11 Biology, SBI3C, we created a 360 degree tour of biology found around Elmvale. Students took the 360 degree camera and took a picture of a location around Elmvale where they could find some biology that connected to the concepts we explored in class. There are 9 scenes in our tour. Each student submitted 3 “points of interest” to connect to their image. I learned a lot through the project and there is lots that I will do differently next time.

As with all major culminating tasks that I try for the first time, I need better exemplars and draft copy check in points so that I can really push students to go deeper. My understanding of the success criteria are always a little different than students’. I expect more detail and depth than they naturally tend towards. Of course, it was very rushed at the end of the year and it took a while for us to really build a vision of what we were planning. Between arranging sign out times for the camera, we had little time for draft revision. Next time, I think I could guide a class to complete something like this much more effectively.

One major “tech learning” for me was that in Tour Creator you can only insert 300 characters for each point of interest. Most students had submitted more than 300 characters. We worked around this by taking a screen shot of the writing and inserting the image of it as the point of interest. Not ideal, but it got our tour put together. In Google Expeditions we often had very long typed points of interest. We had assumed that we could do the same in Tour Creator. An oversight on our part. Next time students can submit audio recordings/narrations for the tour instead.

Thinking ahead, I’m wondering if we could do “math around elmvale” for math courses and maybe science research connections for academic science courses.

Be sure to drag the view around and click on the points of interest in all 9 scenes. If you click on the “poly icon” at the top left you can see tour in a larger format and it is easier to read the writing.

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