Seventh Fire Paddle Art

This post is being re-posted due to some technical difficulties on the blog.

The art show below using Google Open Gallery is a display of student art work. You can zoom in on specific art pieces, or open the entire display in another window.

Creating a Virtual Museum

I teach half-day at an alternative school for First Nations, Metis and Inuit students. Myself and Brent (the other teacher) have an idea for semester two. We want our students to create a museum exhibit on Canada’s First Peoples. They seem on board with the idea. Our students are taking Ojibwe, physical education/health, learning strategies and then an independent compulsory course. We have 1:1 computers, students bring their own mobile devices, access to a green screen and helicopter/drone with GoPro camera. Access to tools and devices is not a barrier.

Our thought was to make a physical museum display in our class space and then we would like to also have a virtual display and tour. We would invite local elementary schools to visit in addition to visit our virtual space. We have the following ideas for curriculum connections so far:

  • display on Aboriginal games and sport (phys ed)
  • display on local geography and how First Nations historically used the land (geography)
  • display on First Nation treaties (history)
  • display comparing what democracy looks like in Canadian government to First Nations (civics)
  • interview with First Nations, Metis or Inuit people about their jobs, education and how they got there (careers)
  • display on types of art and student creations (art)
  • display on the history of language (Ojibwe)
  • display on traditional types of shelter (living spaces and shelter)
  • a mobile app/game to make practicing Ojibwe language fun (Ojibwe)

We started with the idea of SecondLife, moved into Minecraft and now someone has suggested Google Gallery. Do you have any thoughts on what digital tools might help us create the digital or virtual display and tour of our exhibit?

Thank you for sharing any ideas that you have.