Livescribe and privacy

I’ve had a new fancy Livescribe pen for a few weeks now. I love it. I moved into a consultant role this year which equates to even more meetings. Some formal, some impromptu crazy brainstorming sessions where you finish with your head spinning in a million directions. I began the year taking my laptop to each meeting. When I got bored or disengaged or felt pressured for time I worked on other projects (planning, communication, video editing). My boss took notice and started giving me “alternative” tasks to complete during meetings. To “use my powers for good not evil”. I started to wonder how many things I was missing? I was spending most of my day absent from what was happening right in front of me. That bothered me.

In comes my new magic pen. Now I can take notes with or without audio recording and they can go directly into my Evernote with all other things I do. Tagged and organized. I’m more present and personal again in meetings. I’m not using my screen as a shield. One problem I ran into is that I still need to be connected to look something up, check a calendar or find a file. So, the iPad or iPhone has to come along. But for me it’s no where near as distracting. For me this works. I can review the parts of a meeting where my mind wandered. Sometimes the laptop is still needed, but less often. Sometimes i still choose the laptop if i know its going to be really boring 🙂 I just wish the notes imported into Evernote with the audio right in them. I’m having trouble getting the audio in at all. Any solutions?

Two things I’ve learned:

1. Be VERY aware of the conversation, let others know that you are recording and turn it off if the conversation slips out of the professional zone.
2. I need to write neater and stop doodling to make the writing to text feature more effective.

I can imagine many good uses for this in a secondary math class in group work and creating electronic BANSHOs. For me in my current role I’m loving how it allows me to remain a little more present. I just need to remain aware of privacy and work on my handwriting. I’m having flashbacks to elementary school where I was given remedial work for my handwriting and enrichment in math. My brain worked differently even back then. I wonder how a livescribe pen could have helped?

So… How do you feel about being recorded at meetings?

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  1. Hi Jac,

    Thanks for sharing what you've been doing with the Livescribe. We've got quite a few teachers trying it out this year with kids, especially in thinking about special needs, although I know it wasn't designed for that specifically.

    I agree about mentioning the recording issue. I guess most of us carry several devices now that could do the same kind of audio recording, so people shouldn't be shocked if it happens, but good to be proactive!

  2. On a slightly different note. The board of trustees has a motion pending to go paperless. Can you offer us any advice on this? I think they are talking about OneNote. Our agendas and reports are, as I'm sure you know – Adobe Acrobat. Any advice? 🙂

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