Different Ways to Demonstrate your Understanding

This is being used for some students.

Sometimes you may get to choose how you want to demonstrate your understanding of a topic or concept. Below are some ideas on ways you may choose to do so.

* Essay
* Research Report
* News Article
* Bitstrips
* Animoto
* Xtranormal
* Video – using any video editing software, digital camcorder, etc.
* Digital storytelling – Voice over images and photos or video clips
* Blog post – using blogging program like edublogs.org, kidblog.org, wordpress.com
* Podcast or audio clip
* Livescribe Pencast
* Website – google sites, yola.com, weebly.com
* Wiki – wikispaces.com
* Pecha Kucha
* Timeline
* Voicethread
* Mind Maps

This is quick discussion outlining some of the benefits and challenges for each method of demonstrating your understanding.

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