Google Tools for Collaboration

Last weekend I had the honor of working with Mali Bickley to support a group of teachers in using some Google Tools for collaboration. Her class worked on an amazing iEARN project with classes from all around the world on First Peoples art. Each class created a way of sharing examples and information about their First Peoples art. Some classes created a blog with images, videos, stories, etc. Mali’s class then collected the pieces from each country and put them onto a Google Map to share and display. You can see it here. What a great final product to have in memory of the project, with excellent visual connections.

View Early People Symbols Project in a larger map

Part of our support with teachers last weekend was also to discuss uses of Google Forms (docs). Participants discussed students each researching cuisine or culture of different regions and submitting work via a Google Form. To practice, we sent out a plea to our networks (i-EARN and twitter) – to complete a form stating name and “favorite tool for collaboration”. We took the spreadsheet created by the form submits and used GEOBATCH to create a Google Map of our results. You can see it here.

View Saturday FUn 2 in a larger map

In retrospect we covered too much with the forms, docs, maps, highlighting collaborative projects in one hour. We created a wiki for participants to use later on (because we had to rush through things). A fun saturday morning!

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