Consent to post online

I’m struggling to make my permission and information forms for parents. I want my students and their parents to make informed decisions about what they are comfortable with posting online. Ideally, they will be allowed to post ¬†videos of themselves if needed to demonstrate a concept, but we can work around anything. We have many ways of communicating and creating media.

The school will have a general “acceptable use policy” that includes all the do’s and don’ts. I just need to cover the “consent to post online” part. How do I get permission in a way that will not scare parents away? I have an awful lot planned for this semester and my first draft is 5 pages long. Yep, 5 pages! I need help.

So far I have a blog post on our class blog that includes an audio file describing the choices and permissions. I also have the 5-page document posted. Lastly, I plan to run an adobe connect session for parents in the evening the first week back. This will be recorded for those who can’t (or don’t want to) attend.

I think i’m in “scare them away” territory. Any suggestions on what I can take out to dial it down?¬†


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