Student collaborative video creation – Palm Oil

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Our class worked with a class from Orillia to create the following video about palm oil and the Earthwatchers program. We decided as a large group (using Polycom for video conference, todaysmeet for an online chat and a google doc to consolidate) our essential research questions and then worked in small groups to complete our part. Part of the process was a critical response from our peers. We provided effective feedback to help our peers improve.

Tools for creating video clips, images, animations and audio recordings were chosen based on what we had access to and what made sense. Surprisingly, each group ended up using different tools, apps and programs.

Some students used class iPads and their animation apps. One group used an app that I have never used before to draw stop motion images on the iPad. One student brought in her Wacom tablet to draw her animated character for use in Frames (which she downloaded a trial version for use on her own laptop). Yet another group got to play with play dough. For background music, one student brought in his guitar and recorded some tunes using the iPad app GarageBand. The group who used an iPad to record a news report made great use out of some giant retort stands we had in class as an iPad stand.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure Ms. Duncan’s class from Orillia! The songs made for this video are amazing!

Grade 7 8 10 Palm Oil Video from Jac Calder on Vimeo.

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