Concerns-Based Adoption Models (CBAM) #educ5105

I’ve recently come back to the classroom after many years in a variety of roles outside of the classroom. One of the new things I’ve been working on integrating into my classroom is the Ministry of Ed blended learning platform, D2L. I’m doing this for a variety of reasons. One reason is simply to have content available (and alternative assignments) for students who miss classes. Another reason is to provide some structure to our course that cannot be done on our course blog. Our blog allows for sharing with the world and each other, but not the organization that a learning management system does. Lastly, I do believe that students need to learn how to use learning management systems (including dropboxes) for learning because at some point they will be expected to take an online course. If they are exposed to the system now with my support, they will be more comfortable with it later.

I can see myself in each of the levels of use as I have continued to implement this tool into my classroom.

Level 1 (orientation) – I stepped into this level when I started to work as a DeLC for our school board, We used the learning management system for our online courses and I had to begin to support e-Learning teachers.

Level 2 (preparation) – I was in this level as I was preparing and playing in the system before working to support e-Learning teachers.

Level 3 (mechanical use) – I stepped into this level as I began to support e-Learning teachers. I was also still at this level as I began to use the system with my face-to-face class (blended learning model). Here i used the tool rudimentarily. Mostly it was for students who missed a class or period of time. I also posted links and files here for students to use.

Level 4a (routine) – as the class progressed I began to make more use of the tool. I began to tweak settings and activities so that they worked for my students. Dropboxes were set up for student submissions. Interactive modules were used for concept attainment.

Level 4b (refinement) – As I entered into the final unit of study in our course, I refined how I used the system. I scrapped all the junk the Ministry had in the system, kept the good stuff and refined how we used the system as a class. We made it more collaborative, supporting more critical thinking.

Leve 5 (integration) – Over the past few weeks i have worked with other teachers in my school to set up times to meet and work together on how to use this system to support our grade nines as we move to a blended learning model.

Level 6 (renewal) – As I prepare for semester two, I have again renewed how I will use the system to support my science students. This is still a work in progress and will benefit from the collaboration with colleagues at my school.


I used the videos and links below to support my understanding of the CBAM model. Do you have any other resources to share, or have you experienced anything similar to this?



Other Resources:

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  1. As I have spoken with you throughout this program you always seem to be up for new challenges and changes using technology throughout your teaching and learning. Desire2Learn is a tool that I have only heard of but not had the chance to work with so I was excited to see that you are in the process of learning how to integrate it into your classrooms to enrich the program and cater to certain types of students. You really were able to break down the content of CBAM and apply it to your situation in a realistic way that shows the progression of change and the ups and downs that come with it. Thanks for sharing this. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for anyone using D2L in my board now!

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