Promoting balance as we go digital


This past Thursday we held our Grade 9 Orientation day. A great group of teacher and student leaders led the grade 9’s through an “Amazing Race” of stations, including getting their devices connected, scavenger hunts through the school and SPARK activities.

Since I’ve started working at MSS, there have been two major questions that have helped guide our work.

How can periodic, short exercise breaks help student well-being both physically and mentally?

How can the use of student devices support the development of creativity, critical thinking, communication, citizenship, collaboration and character education?

While these goals may seem at odds, I believe that they are important to consider together. Balance is needed. There are a group of amazing educators in our building who have helped the rest of us integrate SPARK activities into our classes. They provide us with examples of activities on a regular basis, simple equipment to try, stories of success and challenge. They support the rest of us as we move outside of our comfort zone and try new things.

On Thursday, we had reporters from CTV Barrie and The Globe and Mail join our Orientation day. I think it is a perfect display of our dual focus that one was there to look at our Blended Learning initiative and the other how we use SPARK activities in class to support student well-being.

What a great start (before the real start) to the school year!



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