Engaged Teens = Responsible Teens

I just got an email from a student. The student was set to teach class for me tomorrow. Its a learning strategies class and he has some SERIOUS skillz in using OneNote for organizing his entire life. I asked him if he would show the class how he uses OneNote for organizing all his notes, web clippings, codes for all our class accounts (he’s more organized than I am!), etc.

Not only did he agree,  but he went home and over a few days planned everything. He looked into how OneNote works on devices other than the one he has (we are BYOD, so we have many different devices in the classroom). He downloaded .exe files of OneNote onto USB sticks so we didn’t have to waste time downloading. He highlighted the tools that make school easier. He requested using the SMART Projector and my Wacom tablet to demonstrate. He requested an iPad on site to demonstrate.

The email I just received was the equivalent of a teacher calling in sick. The student has an appointment tomorrow and was worried about missing class, so we rebooked. This student is more responsible than many University students. At times I worry he is more responsible than I am… 🙂

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