Fun in Family Studies

Today I was lucky enough to have an “on-call” in a Grade 9 Family Studies class. Their assignment was to create “something” to help their classmates review a skill covered in the kitchen so far.

Some of the topics included:

  • how to cut a pineapple,
  • knife safety
  • making great pasta
  • sanitizing the kitchen
  • making great rice
  • Canada’s Food Guide
  • packing a healthy lunch
  • How to get the right number of servings of each food category
  • how to measure liquids
  • how to double a recipe
  • how to half a recipe
  • preventing food borne illness

Each group chose the media format they preferred. Their goal was to create anything that their classmates could use to review the concept or skill. Students used the following different digital tools and more.

  • iMovie
  • Animoto
  • GoAnimate!
  • PowerPoint
  • Voki
  • Tellagami
  • Audioboom
  • Google Slides

I must say that this was one of my favorite on-call’s ever! All sorts of creativity and excitement going on today. Before Mrs. Marion left for We Day (lucky duck!) she helped me join their online class in Google Classroom. This allowed me to see the assignment, assessment criteria and post information in class with the students. As students finish their media pieces, they are posting to Google Classroom. This allows Mrs. Marion to see what she missed in class today. Usually, I feel so disconnected to a class when going into an on-call. Certainly not this time.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these great posts. I am trying to layer the curriculum in my own classroom, but as a new tech teacher I am floundering a bit. I have let the students take the lead, since they know so much more than me. I have collaborated with teachers to identify curriculum content that needs support. Students then create a media presentation of their choice on the identified content. Students have been happy, engaged, and on task. I have used some of the same apps you have (telegami) and would like to use some new ones. I would like to have students explore an app and then teach it to the class. What an adventure. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas.

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