The Interactive Twitter Wall from the Learning Space at #bit14

My favorite part of the Bring IT Together 2 (#bit14) conference was hands-down the Learning Space. It was an open alcove space for organic discussion facilitated around targeted topics. Once I have finished processing the discussions and learning from the Learning Space, I will share more detail about our conversations.

We had a drop sheet on the wall in the Learning Space and encouraged folks to sign the wall with their twitter handle. I’ve taken an image of this sheet and linked everyones twitter accounts to the image. If you are looking for Ontario educators to follow on twitter, please follow some of the links in the image below.

Click on this link to view the image larger in a new window.

2 Replies to “The Interactive Twitter Wall from the Learning Space at #bit14”

  1. Wow! I’ve never seen anything like this. The graphic is very moving; so many resourceful teachers in one place. I will definitely check out (an follow) some of these teachers. Thank you for sharing this post.

  2. Thanks Janet! is a great tool for making images interactive. Imagine the image of a graph (ex. linear function). Students and teachers can use it to create an interactive study tool about linear functions. They can label parts like the x and y intercepts. They could insert videos about slope and then a link to a tutorial about linear functions.

    For the #bit14 conference, Doug Peterson had a dream of a twitter handle sign-in wall. We decided to take it one step further to make it interactive. 🙂 Too much fun for my inner geek. 🙂

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