Mind Mapping Study Notes using Mindomo

Yesterday for our last Learning Strategies class we used the new provincially supported (OSAPAC) tool Mindomo. It let students in my class work together collaboratively with those who shared a course with them (science, geography, French, English). Students were able to reflect on the course and tease out the big ideas or concepts and then start adding in details together. Listening to the conversation among students as they created mind maps of their entire courses was great. Some very rich discussion about which concepts fell under which big ideas. They also could add in links, images, etc. to help each other study.

It was a great way to end the semester! Lots of collaboration and lots of learning.

Today, for their final “exam”, students completed reflection sheets (Google Forms) on the learning skills required by their peers as they watch videos about their personal learning projects. At first I was worried about everything running smoothly, having all students streaming videos and bouncing back and forth between forms. It worked wonderfully and I was able to keep track of how many reflection sheets they completed (they did five each) as we worked through the period.

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  1. We’re very happy to hear that the first Mindomo session went that well. You’ll probably have more time during the break between semesters to delve into the app, I suggest you check out Courses too – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfxkxbSky7w
    If you are looking for ways to engage students in collaborative assignments, that’s exactly what you can do within a Mindomo Course.
    Students can work either all in one single group (maps could get messy, though), or divided in groups (it’s nice that they get to create/join the groups they want, with colleagues they enjoy working with).
    A short guide for Courses – http://www.mindomo.com/help/mindomo-courses/overview.htm
    If you have any questions, I will gladly help.

  2. Well done Jaclyn. You are making a difference engaging learners, young and old. I now have a Mac Pro and am ramping up my learning! Could use you “sitting along side”!
    Proud of you,

    1. Thanks Jean!
      Look at you with a fancy schmancy MacBook Pro! ­čÖé Looking forward to a great semester 2 jumping into MFM1P with all sorts of insanity and fun stuff going on! Will try to share more next semester too. Have fun learning with your new tools!

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