Pi Day Fun 03.14 15

Today in math class (MFM1P) we decided to celebrate #PiDay seeing as we would not be together on the real Pi Day this year.

Of course it wouldn’t be fun if the teacher didn’t get to torment everyone just a bit. We listened to this song in the background all period –

We started by brainstorming what we already knew about pi. We decided to measure all the circular objects that we could and see if we could measure accurately enough to get to pi. Lots of great discussion around significant numbers and place value. I may have sweetened the pot by providing lots of circular treats (cookies, crackers, candies, chocolate, etc.).

Using a google form and spreadsheet, we collected all our measurements and averaged them all. Even including our obvious measurement or calculation mistakes, we ended up with a number pretty close to pi.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.27.44 AM

Later we talked about what a ratio was and decided that pi was a ratio. We used this ratio and our new skill of solving equations to predict the circumference of objects such as the big nickel in Sudbury (we pretended it was a real circle).

After all was said and done we pulled out our EQAO formula sheet and described everything we now understood about the C=?d or C=2?r formulas.

Their homework is to consider what the graph of C=?d might look like.


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