MFM1P Final Task – School Design

Below is a collection of images from our Grade 9 Applied School Design Final Task.

For more info about the original task, you can read this previous post.

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  1. Very cool Jac. What did John think of the pool?!
    Did the students do any refections on the project?

    Have a wonderful summer. Dip that paddle and enjoy the silence.


  2. Thanks Jean!!!

    I think the pool may be one of those “unfulfilled dreams” 🙂

    We totally ran out of time for this project – I should definitely have allocated more time to this. Students informally shared their designs, explaining why they made some choices, their scale, etc. Unfortunately, I did not document those digitally.

    My learning from this project:
    – bring our guest speakers in much, much earlier and complete the task in parts over the semester
    – research different designs to break students out of their mindset that schools are square and linear
    – convert the Minecraft designs to be printed on 3D printer as well
    – beg our awesome design tech teacher to do an intro/tour of Autodesk Revit
    – in general, allocate much, much more time!
    – record the final presentations/discussions/reflections

    I wasn’t expecting to get so much valuable information and so many neat tools from our guest speakers – the project kind of grew beyond my original plans.

    It looks like I may end up with a MPM1D next year, so perhaps I can adapt the task to suit next years students too!

    Thanks again and paddle on! 🙂

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